Never Underestimate The Power Of High Quality Video Marketing

So 2018 is here and so begins another year of business and brand building. How did 2017 go for you? Did your business reach expectations? Did your brand grow and attract a bigger audience? What lessons did you learn and how do you think you can improve your business in 2018?

At a recent business enterprises meeting, I attended as a guest presenter to demonstrate where video marketing is at and where it will be at the end of 2018. Make no mistake, when it comes to any kind of advertising, VIDEO IS KING. I’ve been saying for some time now that video marketing is enjoying a honeymoon period in many areas, particularly social media.

You often hear people saying “shoot some footage on your phone and get it on YouTube, don’t worry about the quality, just get it online”. So now with that in mind, have you noticed how rapidly everybody’s attention span is shrinking? Facebook will tell you that when you upload an advertising video clip, keep it to under 15 seconds! 15 SECONDS!! How crazy does that sound? 

But actually, if you hold anyone’s attention for 15 seconds on Facebook then believe me you have done extremely well. The average watch time of Facebook videos is around 5 to 8 seconds. That’s how long you have to grab someone’s attention and convince them that not only is what you’re advertising worth their time, but also to make that advert cost effective.

So now ask yourself, is getting “anything” up online going to be worth a slice of your marketing budget? But more importantly, is your marketing going to show people that your business is professional, slick, growing and worth buying into? Or are you simply going to try and convince people that cheap substandard marketing is cost-effective because the rest of your business is better than everyone else’s?

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned how video marketing was in its honeymoon period and that video is king.

But what is an absolute certainty is that the honeymoon period won’t last much longer, and only top quality video marketing will be taken seriously and grab the attention of your intended audience. It wasn’t that long ago that every Christmas we would all comment on the new M&S advert. Now you have more and more stores and shops every year getting in on the extravagant Christmas adverts.

And why? Because M&S laid down a benchmark that everyone else had to start following to maximise their Christmas sales. And it’s the old bandwagon cliche if you don’t jump on it you get left behind.

So in a nutshell, this is what will happen right across the board, video marketing will get more professional, slicker, dynamic, powerful and if you’re not on that bandwagon matching your competition, you’re business and brand will get left behind.

Professional video production has had a reputation for being very costly over the years but as the need for it grows there are now more video companies willing to sit down and talk to you about your options and to tailor projects that will fit your marketing budgets.

Here at Dean Terry Productions, we offer many solutions to small businesses, giving them the chance to compete with bigger fish in the advertising market at a smaller cost while still giving them a very professional looking marketing video. And if you do your research you will find several other video producers out there that will accommodate your needs and budgets.

Video marketing is here, its happening and it’s here to stay, and it will quickly become the only way to stay ahead.

Don’t cut corners on one of the most important and powerful marketing tools at your disposal; remember every corner you cut is an open invitation for your competition to get ahead of you.


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