Our Film School

Our Film School


A great opportunity to learn the basics of filmmaking and videography for your business, for pleasure or even if your an aspiring filmmaker with dreams of directing your own film.

Get expert advice and training from over 40 years experience of filmmaking skills in every area of the business.

Do you want to shoot better social media videos that get your business noticed?

Do you want to shoot internal videos to help train your staff?

Do you need product marketing videos but don't have the budget to pay a professional company?

Want to know how to make professional looking video content with an iPhone?

Maybe you just want to learn how to edit your videos into a presentable finished video?

Or are you someone that just loves the idea of making films and have zero knowledge of a camera?

Our courses are tailored to suit your needs depending on your level of knowledge, with most courses aimed at beginners and complete novices.

Contact us today and find out more about how to arrange a training module and start learning filmmaking and videography.