Module 1- About The Camera

About The Camera

This module is aimed at beginners and complete novices.

The aim of this module is to give you an understanding of the most important tool in filmmaking and videography, The Camera.

In this class, you will learn from the very beginning.

You will learn what a camera can do, how and why it performs certain functions, and how you can control everything that your camera does.

I always say that the difference between a professional and a novice with a camera is simple;

A novice(95% of people) will point and click a camera or phone set to fully automatic and then cross their fingers and hope that the camera captured what they wanted.

A professional will set their camera knowing exactly what it will capture before they click the camera.

This class will help you to be able to use a camera in the same way a professional uses their camera.

Basically, most of us allow our cameras to control everything and tell us what the images will turn out like, and whilst this is fine with many people, it also takes away the ability to predetermine the whole mood and look of a scene.

This module will teach you how to get so much more from your camera.

You will learn about apertureĀ setting, shutter speeds, film speeds, frame rates, ISO settings, white balance and focal lengths.

This will all be explained in a very easy to understand way, with literature, guide sheets, and info packs to take away with you to help you become much more confident and capable with a camera.

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