Module 3- Basic Lighting

Basic Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements of film and video.

Even the most simple of scenes like a one person presentation into the camera can be totally transformed with correct lighting.

Professional looking lighting can be achieved on a very small budget, and this module will show you how.

You will learn the basic 3 point lighting system.

The reasons why lighting is done this way.

How to set up your lighting.

How to achieve different looks with a minimal and cheap setup.

This module is absolutely essential if you want to achieve professional looking videos for your business and your own personal projects.

Good lighting will transform your videos from amateur to professional looking film.

You will get to see live lighting setups with demonstrations and examples of positioning your lighting for the best results.

We will show you the different types of lights available on the market for your budget.

There will also be information and charts to take away with you.