Dean Terry started filmmaking at the age of 9, "my dad had an old super 8mm camera and I begged him to let me have a go with it, it wasn't long before he gave it to me to keep".

"Filmmaking back in the late 60's/ early 70's was all on celluloid, no digital cards to keep going over and over until you got the perfect shot. If you didn't know how to use a camera correctly you were throwing a lot of money in the bin. It was either learn fast or be broke. In a way, it was a good thing because you had no choice but to learn everything a camera could do, even focusing was completely manual.

Dean started making stop-motion animated films and then roped in various friends to make mini movies to learn the skills needed. "I can always remember getting a friend to jump over a hedge for me in a pretend getaway and he mistimed his jump and ended up with a face full of nettle stings".

The filmmaking continued until Dean was around 20 and then life took an unusual change and Dean became a professional singer and show producer. "I think the singing and show producing just took me into another area of the business where I became the performer instead of the one capturing the performance".

"One of the highlights of my singing career was getting the opportunity to support James Brown on a European tour and I even got the chance to sing at a Diana Ross celebration concert in front of a celebrity audience."

Show production gave Dean a real insight and skill at putting together visual art and performance which would reap its benefits further down the line. During the 20 years as a singer/show producer, Dean was constantly making films of the experiences on stage, the methods, and planning of shows, the performances, the countries visited. Just about everything that would sharpen the skills even further in the art of filmmaking.

"I always knew that there would be a point where filmmaking would be my career, and the show production gave me an extra edge because I learned how audiences looked at visuals and how they reacted to them. So when I went back to filmmaking full time I had a far greater understanding of what people wanted to see and how they wanted to see it. It was just a case of conveying those visuals through a camera lens.There are so many similarities between film and stage visuals, particularly the lighting and the scene itself".

After several short film projects, documentaries, and music videos, Dean premiered his 1st scare feature "Locked In" in Londons West End in 2015, screening the movie as a one night only to a full house in The Prince Charles Cinema. It was a film that Dean not only produced and directed but also wrote, edited, scored and did a large part of the camera work for, as well as all the CGI and special effects in post-production.

Dean then moved to Ireland to set up a new production company, Dean Terry Productions and has completed over 100 projects since the move.

Now with over 35 years experience in filmmaking, stage production, and entertainment, Dean has decided to set up a new part of the company aimed at teaching various skills in filmmaking and videography for complete novices, through to budding filmmakers wanting to learn more.

"With so much emphasis on video marketing now, I want to be able to help businesses both small and large that don't have enough of a budget for video marketing to make better video content themselves to help their businesses. And to be able to give people the opportunity to learn areas of filmmaking that they would normally only get the chance to learn by going to film school. This is an opportunity for people to fit learning film and videography around their current jobs and with the possibility of making this become a source of income for them too.

There are several different modules, ranging from knowing a camera and what it can do to lighting, sound, green screen, product marketing videos, social media videos and making better video content with an iPhone.

More modules are in the pipeline and will be added soon.

I hope to see some of you at some of the modules, and if you have read all of this come and say hi, and I dare you to ask me who I used to impersonate on stage!