Module 4-Recording Sound

Good sound is a just as important as a good picture. Believe it or not, when we watch any form of film or video content we are actually watching with our ears. The better something sounds, the better it looks.

This module will teach you how to record high-quality audio without having to break the bank. There are very good quality lavalier mics for less than 20 euros that when used correctly will give you very professional sounding audio. The professional video companies will never tell you this simply because they want you to pay them a lot of money to make your videos for you.

If you are planning on shooting short videos for marketing, social media clips, or any form of film or video with spoken dialogue, or you already are and want your audio to sound professional, then this is a great module to show you how.

This is a 90 min module and there will be info for you to take away to help you in your video projects.