Module 5- Basic Editing

In this module, you will learn how to use entry level video editing software.

You will learn the basics of editing, where and when to make edits, transitions, adding titles and text, background music and mastering to various formats for different uses.

This is a great module if you have been present in modules 1 to 4 and now want to know how you can put together your shots into a short presentable video clip.

This is also a great module for those that are confident at shooting good video and only want to learn how to edit their video clips for social media sharing or personal projects.

This will be aimed at beginners to make following this class as easy as possible.

We ask everyone wishing to attend this class to bring their own personal laptops with them. You will then be able to download a free editing programme onto your laptop that we will use to teach you basic editing. This then gives you the opportunity to practice in your own time with the same software that you have been using in the module.

This software will be compatible with both windows and macs.