Module 6- Better Social Media Videos

Another great module for those that are fairly confident with capturing good video but want to learn how to make their social media clips have more impact and how to share them to a wider audience.

This module is more advantageous if you have attended module 5 for basic video editing. If you already have some knowledge of video editing, this class will help to show you how you can shoot certain scenes and edit them in a way that has maximum impact on your audience or customers.

Social media video clips are very different to many other types of filmmaking and videography. You have to capture an audience very fast and with the right kind of impact to keep their attention and get them to take a call to action.

Here you will learn some of the tricks that turn peoples heads and keep them watching for the short period of time that you have to make an impression.

This is a 90 min module and you will have some info to take away with you to help you achieve your marketing goals.