Module 8- Filming with Green Screen

Using green screen has become one of the most used and common ways of shooting major motion pictures. Almost every big budget film that you go and see in cinemas will have used a green screen in some scenes. In fact, some films are 90% green screen, and the reason for this is simple, COST being the foremost, and ability to capture shots that would be near impossible to achieve without it being the other main reason.

Using a green screen gives you the opportunity to have almost any environment in the background and is especially useful if you want to have a workplace behind you without all the noise and interference spoiling your audio.

Using this technique in your films and videos can transform a scene into one of real interest to keep your audience engaged.

Not so long ago this technique was only able to be utilized by the big studios, but nowadays, anybody can use a green screen to achieve some pretty amazing results.

The key to great green screen shots is lighting the screen and the subject correctly.

In this module, you will see and learn just how to set up a green screen, how to light a green screen, where to position your subject, how to light your subject, and how to shoot your scene correctly.

This is a 2-hour module and you will have info and set up charts to take away with you.